This is the detail view of a starship. The different components can be upgraded here. There are 4 different types of weapon, defence, and drive systems. Together wit the 7 different special equipments you can build a total of 448 different starship types and from every type as many starships as you want. All components have different properties and images. Due to the special equipment used here "Tritiumbombs" you also get the menu item "Drop Bombs". Using this you can conquer your opponent's planets. Other equipments allow, e.g. exploration and settling of alien planets. On battle stations you can attack your foe's starships.
HadronenbrecherFrachmodul SPrototransantrieb
Starship DarkStar (Squadron 1)
Crew: 459
Status: in orbit of planet Tobaar (#43)
Planet status: populated by bandit
Condition: 93%
Arms: Hadron Breaker
Shield: Hyper Refractor
Drive System: Prototrans Drive
Drive add-on: Supra Drive
Specials: Tritium Bombs
Firepower: 69
Protection: 81
Speed: 50
Range: 300 LY

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